Fishers of Men

Saturday morning brought an opportunity to us that we don’t get to often. We took the Gulf Shores Baptist Church out for a small in house tournament of the men of the church. All were welcome to come from any age. Its part of a chance to get fathers and sons together and fellow church goers to get out doors and share the beauty of God’s creation. Not to mention that it’s a chance to catch some fish to eat.

We met at the dock around 6:45 a.m. and left out around 7:00. After some coffee and donuts we were on our way. We only had six hours for our trip so we hurried out to the fishing grounds and before we started fishing we said a prayer…  From the first drop the fish were biting two at a time. Reverend Lloyd even caught two at a time. We didn’t have to move but one time to a different hole a few hundred yards away and they were biting again good.

Then it happened, first one then another and we had two Sharks on at one time. After fighting the one for around 15 minutes or so the line parted. However, the line on the other was as strong as our faith and we fought him for around 25 minutes until we got him up alongside the boat were everyone could see and get a good picture and then we released him to live another day. We resumed our fishing for what little time was left and then headed back to the dock.

It was a very good trip and I think everyone enjoyed it, maybe with the exception of a few who let’s just say took full advantage and then some of their sea sick patch’s, no names mentioned but, Amen.

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