There are several species of Grouper and they are each monitored differently. “Gag” Grouper are the most common for our area and are a very sought after fish. A common mistake people make around here is that they call a “Gag” a “Black” Grouper. The fact is that we don’t have “Black” Groupers around here, they are a South Florida or more tropical water type fish. Gag Grouper season has been lowered to only a few day due to “overfishing” they say, now we have a season starting July 1 and runs through October 31. The Nation Marine Fisheries will determine when the close date will occur and let us know. We also have Red Grouper and Scamp who fall into the “Shallow Water” Grouper category. Their season is year round till such point that “N.M.F.S.” determines otherwise. Then there are “Deep Water Grouper”, Snowy, Yellow Edge, Barrel, and Tile Fish. There are a few more and they are all delicious.

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