Dolphin Fish

Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish

Dolphin Fish are very colorful fish that live and thrive around grass lines and patches, floating objects or on a tide line. They feed on all of the smaller fish in and around the structures in the water. At the same time they are seeking shelter under and around these things from bigger fish like Wahoo, Blue Marlin and other predators. They have a brilliant turquoise yellow and green color that looks like a neon sign when they get excited and light up. The female Dolphin will lay around 250 thousand eggs. The average size is between 35-60 inches long and can grow to around 50 pounds. They have 55-65 rays in its dorsal fin, pretty much their whole back. With a long slender body of muscle and a row of fins on top this fish can maneuver extremely well at high speeds with deadly accuracy. Talk about a fight on a fishing pole, they jump several feet in the air shaking violently time after time till they tire out. Then you can get them up to the boat safely to gaff and bring in without beating everything, including you, to death in the boat. Soon after they are put in the boat their colors begin to fade, as with all Pelagic fish, so you better have the camera ready as soon as he hits the deck.  When you go to a restaurant these fish are referred to as Mahi Mahi, or Dorado. Since these are fish that stay in warm waters, they do travel all over in the Gulf Stream including the east coast and South America. One of my favorite dish is “Mahi on the Bayou.” This is a grilled or pan seared piece of Dolphin with crab meat, crawfish tails, sliced almonds and a secret Cajun cream sauce on top. I promise, this is “Fat Boy” approved - delicious!

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